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Amarone: The New Holiday Classic

Amarone is a bold, intriguing style of wine from the Valpolicella region in the northeast of Italy. Its opulent mouthfeel and concentrated dried fruit and spice aromatics make it an excellent all-rounder, pairing perfectly with meaty, full-flavoured main courses as well as rich, chocolatey desserts and punchy cheese plates. It is made using dried grapes and typically has a ripe, full-bodied profile, with flavours of cherry, black fig and chocolate, developing meaty and leathery notes with age. If you’re after one wine to suit the whole meal – easing the transition from mains to sweets and cheeses - then Amarone is it.

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Port - not just for Christmas!

Port has always been a traditional tipple at Christmas time, so much so that some would believe a Christmas dinner isn’t quite complete without the highlight at the end of the meal - cheese and a luscious Port pairing. It’s for this reason that retailers and restaurants are stocking up on Port in advance of the Christmas surge. Although we agree there is something quite special about a fruity LBV and a tangy Stilton, this festive season we believe it’s time to drink outside the box!

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Celebrating Cazes' 20th Biodynamic Harvest

In 1997, Cazes did what many thought controversial at the time – they became fully certified organic and biodynamic. Described as a family of “Avant-Gardist” winemakers, Cazes has continued to farm according to biodynamic principles with great success. This year sees them celebrate their 20th biodynamic harvest as one of the largest certified estates in France.

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Tequila: The New Gin?

The UK is having a love affair with Mexican food and drink. Last December, The Guardian noted the increase of Mexican restaurants in the UK including Breddos Taqueria, Corazón and El Pastor. These establishments boast impressive tequila lists displaying the diversity within the agave spirits category displaying its potential beyond margaritas and shots. Tequila has become a unique and interesting alternative to fine scotch or cognac, particularly aged tequilas made for sipping neat over ice.


Selling the 'Port-fect' Gift this Christmas

Like Champagne and New Year, port and Christmas go hand in hand. Its distinct warming, rich and generous character make it wonderful addition to any festive celebration and its beautiful packaging gives it a tremendous potential for gifting.

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Jane Eyre-Renard: The Global Winemaker

Aussie-born Jane Eyre-Renard was working as a hairdresser until a conversation in 1998 with a client (who happened to be the wife of wine writer, Jeremy Oliver) led her to her to discover her true calling in life - winemaking. Working in both Burgundy and Australia, she has garnered a reputation for creating wines that really sing and display a true sense of place. As such, we are excited to showcase Jane Eyre's wines from both continents. Read more on Jane's intrepid journey from hairdresser to global winemaker.

A Mano 2017 Vintage List

Vintage report - A Mano, Puglia

14 September 2017

The 2017 vintage is Mark Shannon and Elvezia Sbalchiero's 20th for A Mano and looking great for both red and white varieties...

DG 20 years

David Gleave MW looks back on Liberty Wines' past 20 years

11 September 2017

In advance of our Autumn Portfolio Tasting tomorrow, David Gleave MW reflects on how the industry has changed since Liberty Wines was founded in 1997...

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The Vermouth Renaissance

Over the last year food and beverage trendspotters have declared that vermouth is no longer the drink of an old, bygone era - vermouth is experiencing a renaissance. Join the renaissance - check out Liberty Wines' vermouth picks and recipes.


Spotlight on Burgundy 2015

September hails the end of summer. Whether you cling to the hope of an Indian Summer and look forward to hunkering down and embracing autumnal evenings and the advent of the Christmas season, the wines of Burgundy have something for every occasion.

Carbon Neutral

Our sustainability focus

14 August 2017

The sustainability of our industry is very important at Liberty Wines, and we are proud of the progress we have made so far...

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Castaño: Masters of Monastrell

The Monastrell grape, also known as Mourvèdre or Mataro, is usually not found as single varietal wine. It is often used mainly for blending, being an important component of many wines from the Rhône Valley. Many consider Monastrell as a grape that can be produced in bulk at cheap prices, and think that it perhaps lacks the sophisticated flavour profile and potential of other grapes grown in similar regions, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. But luckily for us, there are some who do not adhere to this philosophy. The Castaño family in Yecla DO and their outstanding single varietal Monastrell wines, have successfully disproved this theory.