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Jane Eyre-Renard: The Global Winemaker

Jane Eyre-Renard: The Global Winemaker

From hairdresser to winemaker, Australian-born Jane Eyre-Renard has carved a unique path in the wine industry. She began her journey learning her craft by studying winemaking at Charles Stuart University. She landed one of her first jobs at Domaine des Comtes Lafon in January 2004 and has lived in Burgundy ever since.

Over the past ten years, Jane has grown her négociant business in Burgundy and has successfully carved out her place in one of the most exclusive and prestigious winemaking regions in the world.

For six weeks a year, Jane goes back to Australia. The gives her enough time to ferment the new vintage and often bottle and organise tastings to showcase the wines from the year before. As in Burgundy, where Jane has cultivated a strong network of grower friends who help her source the best value grapes from excellent plots in the Côte de Nuits, Jane relies on the friends she has made throughout her career to help her, saying, “I have friends in Australia who help me source the fruit for the wines. It would be impossible otherwise. I don’t spend much time in Australia and without them I wouldn’t be able to source such good quality fruit on my own”.

Her approach to winemaking is the same no matter what side of the world she is in – minimal interventionist and hands-off - allowing the wines to be a true representation of where they come from. She doesn’t try to manipulate the style saying, “I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to make wines in both places so I’m not trying to replicate Burgundy in Australia”. She makes the wines in her friend’s winery, who looks after them once she heads back ‘home’ to France. We are excited that Jane is now making big enough volumes of her Australian Pinot Noirs and jumped at the chance to add her Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland Pinot Noirs to our list.

We admire Jane for her humble attitude and modest outlook on the success that she has heralded with the wines that she makes in Burgundy and Australia and we can’t wait to see what she does next!