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New Season's Olive Oils

28 November 2016

New Season's Olive Oils

The Italian peninsula is a monument to the olive tree. There are 1.2 million olive growers in Italy cultivating 624 varieties and close to 350 million trees. The result is as much diversity among olive oils as there is among wines.

2016 was a hot and dry vintage in general with very different results for our producers. The olive fly that attacked healthy trees and devastated the harvest yield in the past was kept under control using organic methods by most.

In Tuscany, the overall quality is very good. The long, dry summer has given oils with good richness, which lack a little bit of the pepperiness that often characterises cooler years, but are packed with flavour nevertheless.

Fontodi and Fèlsina had an excellent harvest, both in terms of quality and quantity, despite a very warm season. Fontodi’s elegant and spicy olive oil is made of 80% Corregiolo (also known as Frantoio) and 20% Moraiolo varieties.

At Capezzana, where they have a higher percentage of Moraiolo planted, the very dry season led to an earlier harvest (on 10th October) and lower volume than average. However, the quality of their Moraiolo olives, which account for 60% of the blend of their oil this year, was very high.

The late ripening Frantoio variety produces oil with an intense green colour and a grassy, spicy flavour, while the earlier ripening Moraiolo gives a softer, gentler oil. These robust oils from the central Tuscan hills are ideal on beans, in soup, on bruschetta or drizzled on salad leaves and steaks.

Our new season’s 2016 olive oils will be arriving into stock from early to mid December. More information on the history, production and storage of premium olive oil can be found in our brochure.