Jean-Claude Boisset



This family-owned winery was founded in 1961 but revitalised in 2002 when Jean-Charles Boisset (son of Jean-Claude) lured Gregory Patriat away from Domaine Leroy. Gregory set about transforming Jean-Claude Boisset from an old fashioned negociant, a producer who buys wines from growers or merchants, into a viniculteur, someone who buys grapes from growers with whom he has worked closely to achieve the quality he wants. "The quality of the wine comes from the grapes," he asserts. Because of this focus on the quality of the grapes, the Jean-Claude Boisset wines have been awarded 63 medals and 15 trophies in the International Wine Challenge since 2008. This is a remarkable record of consistency, and all the more remarkable for being for both red and white wines.

Gregory's Clos de la Roche has won a gold medal and at least one trophy at the International Wine Chalenge for the past four years running. The quality of these wines, across the range and through the price points, is remarkably good.



My inspirational music

Rock! I'm a fan of the English group Muse, certainly the biggest current Rock group. Their style combines beautiful melodies with sweet, involving lyrics and fantastic sound! The singer without doubt learnt about classical music and I like this mix of styles. It's like a wine which can accompany a calm moment - relaxing but which can also electrify you with its energy and complexity. Grégory Patriat