Ca' Morlin



Finding a Prosecco producer with a Liberty Wines profile - control of grapes, a quality ethos, one of the best producers in the zone and a wine that offers value for money - had proved almost impossible. We eventually came to the conclusion that the only solution was to make our own, with the goal of producing a real Prosecco - clean, fresh, soft, frothing, uncomplicated, gulpable and, above all, affordable. We've been making these wines together with Conegliano-born Andrea Morlin since 1994. Matt Thomson works with Andrea and a grower friend in a modern, compact winery tucked into the hills of this beautiful region..



My inspirational wine

My approach to winemaking was inspired by two wines; the first being a sparkling wine made using the traditional method from Trentino. From the first sip, I understood that I was drinking the soil and climate of the region it came from and it inspired me to produce my prosecco; which gives an idea of the liveliness its origins in the softly rolling hills of the wonderful Treviso. The second wine is an Amarone from Guerrieri-Rizzardi. I don't recall the vintage, but I remember the wine expressing the characteristics of the grapes, the drying and ageing with such elegance, harmony and finesse that you were hardly aware of drinking it. A wine which could only have been made with the same love a father has for his own children. Andrea Morlin.