Friuli-Venezia Giulia


The Lorenzon family's 170 hectares of vineyard in the Isonzo DOC zone in southeastern Friuli are primarily split between two blocks. The first, I Feudi di Romans, was an old apple grove with stony, well-drained soil of glacial origin that now comprises 60 hectares of vineyard in the heart of the zone.

The second, 'Borgo dei Vassalli', is situated further south in the zone, where the vineyards are on richer soil. Winemaker Davide Lorenzon produces characterful wines of great value..


My inspirational wine

Campofiorin Ripasso from MASI. My tasting notes from this include words like 'outstanding' and 'awesome'! It's a wine that has always struck me from a technical point of view; the sugars, the double fermentation of the grapes and the balance of components are all very well managed which give it great potential for development. This makes it a good source of inspiration. Nicola Lorenzon