Franz Haas

Trentino-Alto Adige


The Haas family has been growing grapes in Montagna in the province of Bolzano for generations. However, it is only with Franz, the current proprietor, that they have begun to produce and bottle quality wines.

Franz studied at Geisenheim in Germany before working as a broker of Italian wines in the German market. After several years, he took over the running of the family business. Franz Haas goes to tremendous lengths to grow good grapes and then strives to preserve the flavours of the fruit during winemaking. As a result, the wines that he produces are infused with great character and show a rare purity and balance on the palate..


My inspirational music

I like music to relax me and I am especially fond of classical music. The piece that I particularly like is 'Va Pensiero', one of the most famous pieces in the opera "Nabucco" by Giuseppe Verdi. Franz Haas