Pieropan's estate covers 46 hectares of vineyard which are situated on the stony hills of Soave Classico. The Pieropan family has been producing wines in Soave since the 1890s. Indeed, they were the first producer to bottle a wine with the name Soave on the label in the early 1930s. Nino Pieropan took over from his father in 1970 and was the first producer in Soave to make a single vineyard wine, 'Calvarino', in 1971. Nino's two sons, Andrea and Dario, now work with him running the estate.

From the 2015 vintage onwards, all Pieropan wines are organically certified.



My inspirational vineyard

You can't ask a father to choose his favourite child because the reply would be all or none! Every vineyard has a story behind it, some shorter than others but all still important. For us, Calvarino represents the history of the estate and has been a part of the property since 1901 whereas La Rocca has always been a winemaking challenge. The chalky terrain of this vineyard is unusual in the area, and produces a unique wine whose style was really revolutionary in the 70s and early 80s. Vigna Garzon is a new challenge for us as we are making two red wines, Ruberpan and Amarone, after making white wines for 110 years! The terrain is wild and almost inhospitable, but this makes it fascinating. So you see, too many to compare or to choose! Andrea Pieropan.