G.D. Vajra



Aldo Vaira's wines are characterised by pristine flavours and clearly defined perfumes. These characters are attributable to the position of his vineyards at about 400 metres above sea level in the village of Vergne in the commune of Barolo. G.D. Vajra was established in 1972 and named after Aldo's father, Giuseppe Domenico. Aldo has been gradually increasing the area under vine to 60 hectares, of which 10 are Nebbiolo for Barolo, located in such outstanding sites as Bricco delle Viole, Ravera, Fossati, La Volta and Coste di Vergne.

A traditionalist, Aldo adheres to old-style winemaking methods, such as long ageing in barrel for his Barolo, but combines this with new techniques, such as a judicious use of oak, to produce superbly elegant wines. This elegance, aligned with a vibrancy and depth derived from exemplary viticulture, gives wines of wonderful varietal character..


My inspirational person

I fell in love with the Langhe reading the stories of Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese and holidaying here with the family. I decided to enroll at the agricultural college where Annibale Gandini was my professor of microbiology. His professional approach, his methodology, his ability to communicate difficult concepts using simple language were all fascinating to me. It was his enthusiasm which I dreamed of being able to impart to my family and colleagues, and to communicate like he did, the joy of our work. Aldo Vajra.