Willunga 100

South Australia


Willunga 100's focus is very much on premium Grenache. Its success last year when the 2014 The Hundred won the Grenache Trophy at the McLaren Vale wine show vindicated this focus, which has been driven by winemaker Mike Farmilo (who has almost 40 years of experience working in McLaren Vale) and consultant Tim James. Mike and Tim spend a lot of time working with the growers to ensure the quality of fruit is up to their exacting standards. The soils in McLaren Vale are some of the oldest in the world, estimated at over 500 million years old. This means low vigour, ensuring low yields in the vineyard, so combined with the old vines, stunning fruit is produced.

All the wines in the Willunga 100 range continue to be recognised for their consistency and quality. This was reflected at the Australian Wine Shows in 2015, where all the 2014 red wines won a gold medal or a trophy..


My inspirational wine

I fell in love with good Burgundy in 1976 with a wine from the Barolet collection! I'm inspired by good Pinot Noir. The real interest in Pinot is all about depth of fruit flavour and palate length from wines of finesse. We have been so used to being hit on the head with a flavour brick here in Australia and often miss the subtle savoury edge that good Pinot can achieve. I see a lot of good wine through each year and am constantly bought back to earth by wines that that have coiled, subtle power that is not clouded by introduced artifact. Tim James