A Mano

Mark Shannon and Elvezia Sbalchiero, the duo behind A Mano, have worked in...

the wine business for most of their lives. Elvezia is a northern Italian wine marketing expert and Mark is a Californian winemaker. They fell in love with Puglia and, when they decided to start their own label, made it their home. By producing high quality wines, Mark and Elvezia have succeeded in making Primitivo one of Italy's most talked about grape varieties. They pay high prices for the best grapes from 70-100 year old vines and focus solely on quality and a modern style. After over 15 vintages, they are now getting access to some of Salento's best grapes.

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The A Mano Fiano and Greco vineyards are situated in Valle d’Itria, in the heart of Puglia. The valley provides a constant airflow from the Adriatic Sea to the warmer interior regions of Puglia. The fresh breezes lower the night time temperatures, encouraging the development of the lovely perfumes in the grapes. The soils are well-drained on a soft rock base. This wine is made from the Fiano Minutolo clone from Puglia, which resembles Riesling or Viognier, as opposed to the Fiano di Avellino which is used to make the DOC wines from Campania.

Vintage Information

The 2016 summer was benevolent, with clear skies and warming sunshine, and temperatures were never too hot. White varieties ripened well and were harvested with excellent sugar/acid balance.


The first Fiano vineyard was ready on 15th August. The grapes were dried until 1st September to concentrate the perfumes and give a round mouthfeel. The second vineyard was harvested on 2nd September and gave a concentrated, heady, over-the-top kind of white wine. To achieve the desired balance and freshness the harvest of Greco and a small parcel of Falanghina was earlier than normal to adjust the acidity and the elegance. After harvesting, ripe grapes were pressed and cold fermented for a very long time.

Tasting Notes

Full of aromas of white peaches, apricots, lychees and roses. The perfume of a fine German wine, the racy acidity, the mouth coating body and freshness that always leaves you wanting another sip. The body is full and satisfying with a fresh acidity and a light spritz from the cold, long fermentation.

Vintage Information

Vintage 2016
Grape varieties 60% Fiano
30% Falanghina
10% Greco
Region Bari, Puglia
Winemaker Mark Shannon
Alcohol (ABV) 12.5%