Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil



The Poggiotondo estate is situated in the hills to the northwest of Empoli...

in western Tuscany. These hills are south and southwest facing, and are planted primarily with Sangiovese. Alberto Antonini’s estate has been certified organic since the 2014 vintage. As a result, he has released a Chianti ‘Bio’ as his new entry level wine.

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Olive Groves

The Poggiotondo estate has 2,000 olive trees planted with Frantoio and Mignola. The typical fruity flavour comes from the Frantoio variety. The groves are situated 200-300 metres above sea level. The low lying hills on the northern side of the Arno Valley provide one of the warmer micro-climates in Tuscany, giving oils that are fuller and richer than those from further inland but still with the characteristic pepperiness of good Tuscan oil. The estate has been certified organic since 2014.

Harvest Information

The 2017 harvest, which started in the middle of October, was the earliest on record. This was largely due to the drought experienced by the ‘Lucifer’ heatwave, which created a state of emergency in 11 regions. The long, dry summer also resulted in small olives, as they contained little water. This resulted in oils with a great intensity of flavour, even better appreciated when fresh.


The olives were picked by hand and pressed within 24 hours to ensure that there were no risks of fermentation or oxidation. Ultra modern stainless steel continuous soft presses were used to obtain a high quality paste from the olives. The paste was then diluted with water at low temperatures to avoid losing any of the aromatic quality of the olives and it was then centrifuged to separate the extra virgin oil from the pomace and water. The whole process of crushing and extraction is very fast. This method, combined with maintaining the paste below 26°C, protects the oil from oxidation. This results in fresher, cleaner oils that retain their colour and fruitiness for a longer period of time.

Tasting Notes

The oil is green and elegant with an attractive spicy character. It has great purity of flavour and a fine balance.

Harvest Information

Vintage 2017
Olive varieties 60% Frantoio
40% Mignola
Region Tuscany
Oil Producer Alberto Antonini