Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico


The Manetti family has owned Fontodi since 1969 but has been in Chianti...

for centuries. Though they have always made wine, their primary business is still the production of Chianti's finest terracotta at their factory in Ferrone. Giovanni Manetti has run the property since 1980 and ensures the wines are as meticulously made as the vineyards are immaculately tended. Their 90 hectares of vineyard, 90% of which are Sangiovese, are situated in the prime 'Conca d'Oro' (golden shell) of Panzano, and have been converted to organic viticulture. Giovanni is now following biodynamic principles to obtain the best quality fruit.

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Olive Groves

In addition to the 67 hectares of vineyard on the Fontodi estate, there are a further 10,000 olive trees situated in a variety of different plots, predominantly on marl soils, at altitudes between 400-500 metres above sea level. The trees are planted in polyconical vase formation at a density of 400 plants per hectare.

Harvest Information

2017 was an unusually good year for quantity at Fontodi. It rained in Panzano at the beginning of June, during flowering, so the flowers remained on the tree. In drier areas, the trees dropped flowers to reduce the crop relative to the water available. The crop of Moraiolo olives was smaller, as it suffered more from the heat. As a result of the smaller harvest of Moraiolo olives, the olive oil blend is made of 80% Corregiolo and 20% Moraiolo. As in other areas, bitterness is a characteristic of the year due to the heath and less water in the olives.


The olives were picked by hand and carefully pressed on the same day in order to retain the maximum freshness and fragrance of the fruit. Ultra modern, stainless steel continuous presses were used to protect the paste and oil from oxidation. This resulted in fresh, clean oils that will retain their colour and fruitiness for longer. The oil was stored briefly in stainless steel tanks rather than 'orci' (terracotta urns). It was filtered through cotton and bottled early to maximise freshness.

Tasting Notes

A richly coloured oil with delicately balanced components. Fine aromas of artichoke leaf and an elegant peppery flavour come together in a fragrant, lingering finish.

Harvest Information

Vintage 2017
Olive varieties 80% Corregiolo
20% Moraiolo
Region Chianti Classico, Tuscany
Oil Producer Giovanni Manetti