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The wines are now made under the watchful eye of Beatriz Cabral de...

Almeida, who is also in charge at Quinta dos Carvalhais. Carvalhais is a 105-hectare property, which today has 50 hectares under vine, was purchased by the Guedes family in 1988. Today, winemaker Beatriz Cabral de Almeida makes an increasingly impressive range of wines from estate vineyards, which are situated at an altitude of 465-500 metres above sea level. This estate, under the sure guidance of Beatriz, makes modern wines from native Portuguese varieties that show the best of what this country can produce.

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The grapes for Grão Vasco come from various estates surrounding the Quinta dos Carvalhais vineyards in the Mangualde commune of the Dão.

Vintage Information

The start of the vegetative cycle in 2017 was unusually warm with irregular, sparse rainfall. Only during budburst and flowering, in March, did temperatures drop and precipitation levels rise for the duration of spring, replenishing the water levels in the soil that are crucial in the hotter months. Although there was considerable rainfall, the estate's viticultural team managed to prevent diseases of any kind. The fertilisation phase was successful; from the evolution of the vines to the development of the grape clusters. Summer was dry with high temperatures and the plants benefited from the fresh nights of August and September. Some rainfall prior to the harvest helped the development and final maturation of the grapes. The harvest itself was very similar to that in 2015, which produced wines of excellent quality.


After careful destemming and light crushing and pressing in pneumatic presses, the must, duly protected from oxidation by the use of inert gases, was subject to static decantation at a low temperature for a period of 24 hours, in order to achieve the desired degree of limpidity. The different grape varieties that gave rise to this must were then vinified separately in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature (16ºC) for approximately 15 days. Grão Vasco Branco is bottled after a short ageing period of approximately four months in stainless steel vats.

Tasting Notes

This wine is citron yellow in colour with greenish nuances. It is intense and young with pear, pineapple and citrus aromas, lightly floral and some minerality. On the palate, fruit notes stand out among the freshness, as a result of its lively acidity. It is elegant and well balanced.

Vintage Information

Vintage 2017
Grape varieties 39% Encruzado
38% Malvasia Fina
15% Bical
8% Gouveio (Verdelho)
Region Dão
Winemaker Beatriz Cabral de Almeida
Alcohol (ABV) 13%
Acidity 5.4g/l
Residual Sugar 1.1g/l
Wine pH 3.3