Terrantez 50 Years Old


Justino's Madeira

Justino's is one of the oldest producers of Madeira, having been in existence...

since 1870, when it was known as Justino Henriques. Today, Justino's is owned by the French company La Martiniquaise, which built a modern winery in Cancela, Santa Cruz. With these facilities, they sought to combine traditional vinification practices with the most advanced technology. Fruit is sourced from all over the island, with only the best areas and vineyards selected for the different grape varieties. The robustness and longevity of Madeira, even once opened, allows for endless experimentation with food pairings and drinking occasions.

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Justino's source their grapes from vineyards located in Câmara de Lobos and Campanário. Almost all of the vines are planted on miniscule terraces, known as 'poios' and are pergola trained, which is the traditional way in Madeiran viticulture. The soil is of volcanic origin and varies depending on the altitude of each terrace. At low altitudes the soils are darker and more compact, indicating high levels of iron, while at higher altitudes, trachytic rocks with their rough, gritty surface are more evident.


Vinification followed strict steps in accordance with traditional methods. The grapes were destemmed, crushed and pressed. The must obtained was fermented in 650 litre oak barrels. Fermentation was stopped after six to seven days by the addition of neutral grape spirit in order to maintain the desired sweetness degree. The Terrantez was aged for more than 50 years in the traditional “canteiro” system, in which the wines mature slowly in large oak casks without any artificial heating, resulting in a more refined integration of aromatics. After maturation, the wine underwent racking, fining and filtering before the blend was assembled and bottled.

Tasting Notes

Medium deep amber colour with a subtle hint of green. A rich, complex nose, with intriguing earthy, musky aromas. This is a soft and richly textured medium dry wine, with tobacco, tea leaves, vanilla and spicy notes, finishing with a fresh acidity.

Vintage Information

Vintage NV
Grape varieties 100% Terrantez
Region Madeira
Winemaker Juan Teixeira, Dina Luís
Alcohol (ABV) 20%
Acidity 10.5g/l
Residual Sugar 72g/l
Wine pH 3.36