Nuits-Saint-Georges `Les Charmois`

Côte de Nuits


Childhood friends Mathieu Moron and Pierre Olivier Garcia began their new venture in...

2016 when Mathieu’s father gave him a small parcel of vines in Nuits-Saint-Georges. They bought a house in the centre of Nuits and converted it into a winery. Mathieu and Pierre Olivier work the vines in order to restore biodiversity in the vineyards, something they feel has been lost due to the focus on single-crop farming across the region. Their ‘eco-attitude’ means they experiment with cereals, ploughing, planting trees and even use chickens to graze the land, in an attempt to bring back bees and butterflies to their 0.4 hectares of vineyard. In addition, they source grapes from a network of grower friends with whom they work closely, in order to have as much control over the quality as possible.

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‘Les Charmois’ refers to an ancient forest of hornbeam trees, which typically grow on the limestone soils of Burgundy. The term ‘Charmois’ is also widely used in the Côte d’Or to the describe the wilderness and land set aside for vine growing. These vines were given to Pierre Olivier Garcia by his father and inspired the creation of Moron Garcia.

Vintage Information

2017 had favourable weather conditions throughout. The days alternated between warm and sunshine, and rainy, enabling the vegetative cycle to process perfectly. The sun-drenched grapes were rich in aromatics, making for a very interesting vintage.


10% of the grapes were fermented as whole bunches, 50% destemmed and 40% 'baie-par-baie', this is a painstaking process that the Moron-Garcia are pioneering, it involves hand-cutting each individual grape from the bunch, with the stalk intact. This technique takes 30 people an entire day to complete a single barrel, yet they think it worth it as it enhances the aromas and complexity in the finished wine.

Tasting Notes

The 'Les Charmois' has a very expressive nose with layers of precise cherry fruit which intermingle with delicate floral aromas. The palate has the characteristic power of Nuits-Saint-Georges with velvety tannins balanced by refreshing acidity and a long finish.

Vintage Information

Vintage 2017
Grape varieties 100% Pinot Noir
Region Côte de Nuits, Burgundy
Winemaker Mathieu Moron and Pierre-Olivier Garcia
Alcohol (ABV) 12.5%
Acidity 5.35g/l
Residual Sugar 0.2g/l
Wine pH 3.41