Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Château Miraval is located in the Provence village of Correns, the first 100%...

organic village in France. All of the crops, including grapes, are grown organically in this wild and picturesque village. Château Miraval has 50 hectares of grapes grown on the estate. The terraced vineyards are at 350 metres altitude, resulting in cool nights that moderate the warm days which in turn help the grapes retain their delicate aromas and crisp acidity. The clay and chalk soils at Miraval are also important for quality, because they help regulate water supply to the vines so they have water when they need it and drainage when they don't. At harvest, the grapes are hand picked in the coolness of the morning and hand sorted twice to ensure that only the best grapes go into making the rosé.

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Olive Groves

The olive tree is part of the Mediterranean basin history. At Miraval, the olive trees are cultivated in the purest tradition, grown on terraces of dry stone which reflect the sun, therefore enabling the olives to mature perfectly. The estate is farmed organically. The soils are tended to regularly, ensuring that they stay aerated and porous. The finished olive oil is a blend of: Verdale, Pichouline, Tanche, Lucques, Aglandau, Cayon and Arboussane.

Harvest Information

After a rather standard spring in terms of rainfall (170mm) came a hot and dry summer, with temperatures regularly over 37°C. From mid-June to mid-August the total rainfall amounted to less than 60mm, which is low compared to the hours of sunshine -1941 hours over six months from April to September. These favourable weather conditions meant that the crop reached ripeness in excellent conditions. The altitude of the olive fields helped keep a very good balance.


Miraval Olive Oil is Extra-Virgin and is made from the first cold press, giving the oil a fresh and pure character.

Tasting Notes

A smooth and velvety oil, with notes of almond, hazelnut and artichoke on the nose. The palate is pungent and peppery with flavours of freshly cut grass. The finish is long, succulent and spicy with a mild astringency, giving it beautiful balance.

Harvest Information

Vintage 2016
Olive varieties 15% Cayon
15% Lucques
15% Pichouline
15% Tanche
15% Verdale
15% Aglandau
10% Arboussanne
Region Provence