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Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay

Since its inception in 1993, partners John Hancock, who has been making wine...

in New Zealand for over 35 years, and Robert and Robyn Wilson, owners of The Bleeding Heart and The Don in London, have made Trinity Hill a byword for quality and consistency. Winemaker Warren Gibson has been with Trinity Hill since 1997. He is also in charge of the 80 hectares of vineyard owned by Trinity Hill, 47 of which are in the Gimblett Gravels and knows the Hawkes Bay and Gimblett Gravels exceptionally well. The wines reflect this, as they characterise the best of what Hawkes Bay can produce. They have an elegance, balance, drinkability and precision of flavour that makes them a joy to sell.

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The grapes are sourced from vineyards predominantly in the Gimblett Gravels and the Bridge Pa Triangle. The soils are deep river gravels, left by the Ngaruroro River as it changed course over many thousands of years. These free-draining gravels can be more than 100 metres deep. Their low fertility, along with the ability to control vine vigour by controlling soil moisture, give small crops with highly concentrated flavours and aromas.

Vintage Information

2014 was a very strong vintage. Hawkes Bay encountered very mild spring and summer conditions leading into the ripening period. Consistently warm (but not extreme) day and night temperatures lead to an advanced season from budburst onwards. The beginning of the season was frost free and mild with good soil moisture levels. Good conditions at flowering meant excellent bunch weights and numbers resulting in vineyards delivering good volumes of excellent fruit. The main ripening period for 2014 was similar to 2013 in that it was dry but it had the positive effects of small rain incidences at appropriate times to refresh the vines. Harvest started early on 22nd February, with the last fruit picked on 12th April. These are record early picking dates for Trinity Hill.


Each individual vineyard parcel was harvested separately and then gently de-stemmed prior to fermentation. Subsequently, gentle daily pumping over of the skins during fermentation helped extract a soft, complex structure. Following fermentation, the skin maceration was extended for up to four weeks to further integrate and soften the tannins. After 14 months ageing in a combination of small French oak and stainless steel tanks, the individual blocks were blended to create the ideal marriage of components.

Tasting Notes

The leather and plum aromas of the Merlot combine with spice and red fruit characters of Tempranillo and Malbec. Cassis aromas and structural backbone are provided by the Cabernet Franc. Richness and soft, ripe tannins make a serious yet eminently drinkable wine.

Vintage Information

Vintage 2014
Grape varieties 55% Merlot
17% Tempranillo
13% Cabernet Franc
8% Malbec
7% Syrah/Shiraz
Region Hawkes Bay
Winemaker Warren Gibson
Alcohol (ABV) 13.5%
Acidity 5.8g/l
Residual Sugar 0.33g/l
Wine pH 3.71